The PRC offers a variety of competition fly. Listed below is a quick overview of what we offer. 

20 bird – The traditional twenty bird fly. The PRC requires 20 bird and 20 minute minimum for score to qualify. 
11 bird – Our revised version of the 11 bird made famous by the NBRC.
Annual PRC Futurity – Single loft Futurity, payouts every year.
Certified Spinner Program – We certify, and showcase great stock all across the USA. 

20 bird and 11 bird competition is split into three tiers. Regional, Sectional, National. How do the tiers work?

A PRC region is one individual state. 
A PRC Section is several neighboring states classified together ex. (midwest)
PRC National tier represents the entire U.S.A.

Regional competition Tier

Regional Competition is the 1st tier and is state preliminary qualifier fly. Ten separate flyer entries equals one qualifier. Twenty seperate flyer entries equals two qualifiers. There are no more than two qualifiers in regional competition no matter if the region exceeds twenty entries. The qualifier(s) from each state will move into their appropriate sections, sectional fly.

Sectional Competiton Tier

Sectional Competition is our 2nd tier of competition between each qualifier from every region inside a section. The winner of the section is the sectional champion.

National Competition Tier

National Competition is our finals tier and is competition between each sectional champion. The winner of the third and last fly tier is the PRC National Champion.