PRC Futurity

Eighty Birmingham Rollers bred by some of the best fanciers in the United States are sent to Jack Meyers homestead in California annually. Our kit master evaluates the rollers from their arrival in the spring until the following spring when the birds have become yearlings. After three judgement flights taking place in March, April and May the birds are placed #1 through #20.

The breeders identities will remain unknown. The birds entered into the PRC futurity are banded with PRC futurity bands, banded by the breeder. These will be numbered 1 through 80. Only one PRC board member will have a master list of the rollers entered. 

Your entry of $150 is used as follows

60% Prize Money
20% Vaccine/Medication
20% Feed

Prize payouts for participants who’s pigeon(s) place 1-20. These payouts are set each year and can vary based on number of entries.

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